REPORT: Carolee Thompson

We were a happy bunch of 16 intrepid campers & hikers, blessed with very warm and dry weather, and a bit of wind at night to remind one that you were sleeping in a tent.

Most of us gathered in the evenings to share a communal braai and chat, with others chilling at their own camps, not far away.

There are plenty of camp ablutions which are kept clean & well stocked. Power points are fewer and a long extension cord is necessary.

Then it’s river crossings and boulder hopping to the magnificent end of the gorge, to swim in the icy pool, some of us venturing into the cavern to find the waterfall at the end.

The chain ladder is still broken, but we were quite happy anyway. The return hike was challenging in the heat, but we all made it back safely, with Peter ferrying most of us back to camp in his bakkie.

On Sunday six of us continued the steep climb up past the Cascades to Lookout rock, following a circular route, through the forest, a dip in a lovely rock pool, then down back to camp.

A good morning hike, leaving enough time to pack up camp.

We enjoyed tranquil sunsets, bright red sunrises, a bright red full “snow” moon and some stars.

Oh to sleep out under the beautiful night sky!

Thank you everyone for sharing another fabulous weekend in the Berg.


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