Report by: Janine van Deventer

21 hikers ready for an adventure.

The start of the hike.
An indigenous forest – a wonderland of magnificent trees and full of history.

The views were truly spectacular, from the beautiful cool forest (watch out for Mr Horsefly) to the hot open grass lands.

We had a water break at the old fisherman’s hut. We weren’t sure why it’s called that, as there was no dam in close proximity. 

We encountered a puff adder – It slithered through Sarah’s legs and disappeared into the veld! I didn’t need to stick around to see its beautiful colours.

We hiked near a rock wall that goes on for kilometers that was apparently built by the Italian prisoners during the 2nd World War.  I am sure if those rocks could talk, they would indeed have a tale to tell

We carried on up to the big oak tree on top of the hill and took a very windy lunch break.  It was at this point that as the newbie of the group that I was given the task of writing this report of our hike. I could not say no.

The walk back traversed past a little dam.  The water proved very inviting on the hot and sultry day and some hikers had a swim, and then there were one or two that attempted to paddle ski! Well, Salome, you made us all laugh, needless to say, Salome, went for a swim! 

Then, it was time to head for the hide and make our way home.  Well, dear Libby had other plans for us, we needed to tour around a sun scorched field, looking for a path to no avail.  Her actual plan is that she wants to get us all back again to do the hike again.  We don’t mind Libby, we will be back and it truly was very overgrown. 


Today was an absolutely wonderful day!  I thoroughly enjoyed it and I am sure everyone else did too.  Thank you so very much Libby.  It was a big group to handle and you did it so well.  I’m looking forward to seeing everyone on the next hike. 
For those who missed this hike, it truly is one not to be missed when the hiking club does it again.