Comment and photos by Keith Ashton

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1. Assembling before the hike
2. Our first obstacle
3. Nhlosane Peak just out of the mist as we look back
4. Nhlosane Peak still clear at this stage
5. Still climbing - now through a bit of forest

6. Making our way along the ridge
7. Still on the ridge - Nhlosane Peak now in the clouds
8. Alistair taking photos of our steep descent to the gap
9. Eric making sure everyone is making it down to the gap
10. Starting our climb from the gap to Nhlosane Peak
11. Still climbing
12. Even more climbing
13. Taking a break before we summit Nhlosane
14. Margret K getting her breath back as the clouds roll in

15. At last we reach the summit beacon
16 Margret K stands proud at the beacon
17. The clouds swirl around us
18. Looking down the far side of Nhlosane - note the waterfall far below
19. A telephoto of the waterfall far below

20. On our way down after lunch at the top
21. Alistair keeping his eye on his flock in a beautiful setting
22. Leopard Falls deviation not far from our base
23. Five happy hikers who did the Leopard Falls deviation
24. A great way to finish a hike with tea or coffee & scones with jam & cream